Unknown Taco Truck

Allegedly situated somewhere in Central LA, this taco truck serves up what our friend Brady is calling the very best al pastor tacos in the entire city, although he can’t remember its name. The Mexican hot spot’s reasonably priced fare has earned rave reviews of “so fucking good” and “the best shit” from distinguished diners such as Hunter, Rob, and even Brett, who usually hates everything—and it was definitely somewhere near La Brea last Friday because that’s where everyone went out for Wheeler’s birthday. (It’s a yellow truck, if that helps.) But don’t limit yourself to the superb tacos; try the house-made horchata, which Brady is pretty sure he got from the same truck. If you see Carlos working there—at least they think his name was Carlos—tell him he’s the fucking man.

Rating: Fucking tight
Pet Friendly: There was a super cool dog hanging around
Hours: It stuck around for about 45 minutes after the bar closed
BYOB: There were some cops around, but they’re not gonna nail you for an open container unless you’re being super obvious about it
Dress Code: One dude was there in a fucking red bucket hat