This fast-casual grill in Pasadena offers both an impressive array of bar food classics as well as a feast for the eyes with its legendary waitstaff, all of whom perkily attend to guests in little more than roller skates and meticulously recreated outfits evoking the 31st U.S. president. Ogling is an understood part of the experience at Hoovers, and while the famed buffalo wings and plump crab legs are worthy of diners’ attention, they simply cannot compete with the distractingly full-jowled servers in their skintight waistcoats. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick lunch or a raucous night on the town, be sure to order one of the restaurant’s signature burgers and let your eyes wander—no one will judge you for staring at all the Hoovers on full display.

Best Nights: Friday, Saturday, Presidents’ Day
Critics Are Saying: “Eye-catching, yes, but most of the Hoovers are clearly fake.”
Good Spot To Watch The Chicago Bears Vs. The Portsmouth Spartans In The 1932 NFL Championship Game: Yes
Ambience: Flirty; staunchly Republican
Alcohol: The speakeasy under booth 8 serves moonshine and highballs