Fish And CHiPs

This playful take on upscale Caribbean cuisine has quickly become LA’s premier destination for foodies on the go—in fact, that’s the only way to place an order. Angelenos who want to experience LAPD officer Todd Vega’s expertly spiced delicacies must commit a moving violation on the 405 between Imperial Highway and Mulholland Drive, where they will be directed to pull over to the shoulder and served a generously portioned meal based on their particular offense. Driving 25 miles per hour over the speed limit? Get ready to enjoy Vega’s famously succulent red snapper. Weave dangerously between lanes and you’ll be treated to the best coconut stewed fish the LA freeway system has to offer. Unable to decide? Why not initiate a high-speed chase that culminates in a median barrier collision to try Vega’s opulent prix fixe? Diners should pay close attention to the restaurant’s hours, however, as attempting to order curry shrimp on a Monday will only result in a $350 fine from officer Peter Rusk.

Guests Are Saying: “After that lobster salad, you better believe I’ll be driving drunk on the 405 more often!”
Vegetarian Options: Drive with your brake lights out to order the delicious sweet potato fritters
Price Range: $$$–1 year probation
Ambience: Varies depending on traffic and chosen radio station
Kids Allowed: Anyone under 8 years or 4’9” must be seated in the back seat