The Beached Sperm Whale At Playa Del Rey

While this distinctive new pop-up destination arrived only yesterday during low tide, it already has the LA foodie scene buzzing due to its generous portions and spectacular oceanfront location. Prospective diners should plan to arrive early, as you’re likely to encounter large crowds of fellow gourmands, 4,000–5,000 seagulls, and hundreds of species of worm, all eager for a spot at this popular limited-run eatery. Rumor has it a second location might be added farther up the coast if the pod continues to wander off course, but you’ll still want to hurry to this seaside sensation before it’s either picked clean or ruptures due to the buildup of gases from advanced putrefaction.

Best Time To Go: Check the tide charts
Good For Microbial Couples: Yes
Ambience: Increasingly rancid
Noise Level: Low, once the gulls have gorged themselves
Spotted Dining Here: Dungeness crabs, greenbottle blowflies, Rachel Weisz