Posterize Lobster

Why merely eat the lobster you’ve selected from the tank when you can first embarrass it by dunking a basketball right in its face? That’s the revolutionary thinking behind this new Santa Monica seafood eatery where customers have the chance to suit up and throw down a monster jam over a live lobster on a small-scale basketball court before it is boiled and served up. For no additional charge, each lobster is tossed into the air beneath the hoop, helpless to execute anything resembling defense as the diner who will soon be feasting upon it rises up for a brutal, rim-shaking throwdown. Even first-time visitors are sure to slam home a thunderous dunk, earning them the right to stare down the crustacean as it lies humiliated on the hardwood. Afterward, as they dine on the sweet lobster flesh served with drawn butter or garlic lemon sauce, customers can watch slow-motion replays of their utter domination on a screen right at their table.

Average Wait Time: 15 minutes recommended for stretching
Guests Are Saying: “Tell that lobster next time he better come to the rim hard or not come at all.”
Good For Groups: Families and large parties can go five-on-five against their selected lobsters
Insider Tip: No blood, no foul
Vegetarian Options: Yes, diners can choose to windmill dunk over seasonal vegetables