Liquid N

Now that the word is out and chef Chase Bonsard’s take on moules-frites is the city’s hottest dish, patrons hoping to snag a coveted table at this West Hollywood seafood eatery can expect to wait 10 to 15 years while cryogenically frozen in one of the restaurant’s hibernation chambers. Peruse a menu full of Bonsard’s inventive twists on classic coastal fare, then take your time over the next decade deciding between the indulgent cioppino or the magnificent crab bisque as your metabolic processes are slowed to a state of suspension at 240 degrees below zero. Once your table is ready and the maître d’ has initiated bioreactivation, there’s no better way to complete the thawing process than by warming up with the Newport clam chowder. And those patrons lucky enough to have their vision fully restored by the time the main course arrives will be dazzled by Bonsard’s whimsical presentation and creative plating. According to diners who just returned from their 2008 reservations, the escabeche is phenomenal and they can’t believe Robin Williams killed himself.

Dress Code: Restaurant-issued thermal blanket
Minimum Heart Rate For Entry: 66 beats per minute
Accepts Apple Pay: Yes* (*form of payment not guaranteed to exist at time of thawing)
Guests Are Saying: “I miss my son and hope his table is ready soon.”
Good For Kids: No; likely fatal