Guide To Dining Out

Helpful tips and pointers for anyone who is new to eating.
  • If you are attractive, it is considered common courtesy to inform the restaurant ahead of time so that they may seat you near a window.
  • The Hostess Fruit Pie knife is the smallest one on the left side of the plate.
  • The napkin should ideally be placed upon your lap and no farther than the lap of someone two seats away from you.
  • It’s considered rude to begin eating before the starting gun has gone off.
  • Most restaurants will provide you a takeout container, but you’ll need to bring your own bubble wrap and moving blankets if you want to make sure your leftovers get home safely.
  • If you feel self-conscious about dining alone, some restaurants will provide a scarecrow or CPR torso to sit at your table.
  • When making a reservation, always specify how many people in your party are notorious flakes.
  • If you are looking for the bathrooms, they are off to the left and toward the back.
  • Inform the waiter if you have any common food allergies such as mold and dust mites.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the evening’s specials, you may demand that your server keep improvising more until you hear something you like.
  • Never consume a lobster you suspect has already been opened.