Crumb Sweep

In 2017, celebrity busboy Jon Griffiths, an accomplished veteran of the New York and Paris table-clearing scenes, opened his own restaurant in his native Pacific Palisades to showcase his innovative and impeccable take on sweeping away crumbs after a meal. After years spent studying under master bussers across the globe, Griffiths created a popular hot spot where diners can marvel at his dazzling displays, which combine classic French tidying techniques with Southeast Asian influences and Griffiths’ own groundbreaking style. In order to acquire their iconic golden sweepers, each Crumb Sweep employee must undergo a famously grueling yearlong training program to develop the precision and flair that Griffiths expects; on certain nights, Griffiths himself can be spotted showing off his signature single-arm sweep after a particularly crumbly flatbread or bruschetta has been removed from a diner’s table. At Crumb Sweep, you’re sure to be swept away as quickly as the flakes of puff pastry left behind from your meal.

Must-Try Dish: Rosemary focaccia, ordered “extra stale"
Critics Are Saying: “Every single dish was dry and overly crunchy. It was perfection.”
Insider Tip: Bring a slice of toast from home and discreetly crumble it over the table
Birthday Special: The waitstaff sweeps up a large mound of crushed oyster crackers from the guest of honor’s place setting
Outdoor Seating: Yes, but it often attracts hundreds of pigeons