The crowning achievement of chef Frank Bolen (formerly of Ababa and 餐饮), Pachamanca brings classical Andean fare to East Hollywood by utilizing recipes, techniques, and cookware handed down through generations of the Vilca family until the night Bolen absconded with them from the village of Ayacucho, Peru. With rustic furniture taken directly from the Vilca family home and traditional decor that features a Mother Mary statue discreetly removed from the Ayacucho town square by the chef himself, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a picturesque Peruvian mountainside. Enjoy the stunning puca picante stew, based on a page torn directly out of the Vilca family’s handwritten cookbook, prepared in the Vilca family’s generationally seasoned stock pot, and served in wooden bowls made by Abuela Andrea herself. Having lost everything they own, not even the Vilcas could provide you a more authentic Peruvian meal than Pachamanca.

Atmosphere: Worryingly authentic
Best Time To Go: Before Peruvian authorities catch on
Critics Are Saying: “Chef Bolen’s aji verde sauce is so addictive you pray he doesn’t face extradition.”
Dress Code: If you’re thinking of appropriating traditional Peruvian attire, now is the time
Guests Are Telling Themselves: “I’m sure the Vilca family has a newer, better set of cooking pots.”