Spring & Sprout

It’s not just the fact that Spring & Sprout has maintained wait lines down the block since it opened that’s remarkable; it’s that the very first people to get in line three months ago are still eagerly seeking their orders. Chef Tim Lu’s stellar reputation has followers flocking to this Arts District hot spot, where they begin their dining experience by receiving a blue card at the doorway that is to be exchanged for a numbered pager upon ordering at either Dine-In Station 1 or Takeout Station 1A. Though few have managed to navigate beyond the Side Dish Fulfillment Counter, those who know what to do with the laminated “Food Passport” they receive can, assumedly, expect to be rewarded with one of Lu’s imaginative vegetarian creations. After scanning their mobile receipt at the QR Code Reader, our own reviewers were unable to find the Phase 2 hostess (whom they were told was stationed somewhere near the dipping sauce self-serve terminal) and were forced to circle back to Tray Registration, where they presently remain. But like all who enter Spring & Sprout, they’re confident the beet tartare and Thai tofu meatballs will be worth however many additional steps await them. See you in line!

Kids Allowed: Sure, maybe they can figure out how the hell this place works
Online Ordering: Only through the Spring & Sprout app, which requires iPhone X or later
Guests Are Saying: “Fuck this, I’m going to Pollo Loco.”
Insider Tip: Don’t forget to pick up your chair from station G4 before heading to your communal table
Noise Level: Disoriented murmuring